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"Transform The Written Word Into a Living Word..."
Pastor Del Phillips

Our Pastor and First Lady

Pastor Del has given his life to ministry for over 40 years.  His current leadership as Pastor began in 1996.  His gift as a teacher has marked him with a unique skill to deliver the word of God to any audience.  As Pastor-Teacher he developed the emphasis to define the ministry as a Teaching Church and refine the Church mission to focus on four core components:

Teach, Help, Worship, Connect. 

The mark of his leadership in the community was realized in his work as founder of the Colorado Coalition of Faith, formed in 2005, in response to Hurricane Katrina. The Coalition brought together Pastors, churches, community leaders and professionals representing nearly every facet of crisis support within the state of Colorado.  

In the fall of 2013, he organized the Colorado Black Leadership Coalition which is comprised of key community organizations representing the interest of African Americans, including the NAACP (Denver/Aurora), Urban League, Greater Metro Denver Ministers Alliance, Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce, Colorado Black Women for Political Action, Northeast Islamic Center and several others.

Pastor Del provided leadership for consecutive terms as Vice-President and President of the Greater Metro Denver Ministerial Alliance from 2013-2016.

Presently has membership on several boards, City, and State commissions.

Lady Aleina has served God since early childhood and has provided leadership for Women, Health Education, and Community Outreach for many years.  She was ordained into the Deaconate in 2010.  She provided leadership in the International Ministers Wives and Ministers Widows and currently serves as the 3rd Vice President of the State Ministers Wives.


Her life of service has blessed the congregation of THWC, inspiring women and men to honor their commitment in leadership and to support the ministry.  As a leader for the Women in the Intergenerational Groups in THWC and as Health Ministry Director she provides needed resources and instruction to empower and inform.  

First Lady Aleina's deepest passion is the service she renders in the Deaconate.  She loves the time  that it offers for studying the word, engaging with her peers, and working alongside them to serve the congregation and the community.