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This is such a special and joyous occasion in the history and celebration of our church. We would like for you to leave your testimonials and / or share your journey of your time with our church!


Oh! Wait! You say that your journey started with Mt. Gilead Baptist Church? We would like for you share your journey and past history as well.


We are creating a Time Capsule and collecting everyone's journey to add to our history vault and share with those that will look back on this moment in the future to come!

Please take a moment to share your journey by filling out the information below with your stories and memories.  If you have a photograph, video or audio clip that you would like to share, please feel free to upload it directly to our 70th Church Anniversary Database. You can do so by selecting the '+ UPLOAD' button below, when you have selected your chosen video or images press the Blue button to submit. 

You may also submit your journey by mailing it directly to the church:

2000 S. Colorado Blvd Tower One Denver, CO, Suite 2000-1003 Denver, CO 80222

We can't want to hear and see all of our family and friends!

Church Anniversary 
1951 - 2021
"Celebrating the Journey"
a prosperous journey by the will of God
- Romans 1:10


My Journey story

Thanks for submitting!

To share your image, video or audio clip, click on the '+ UPLOAD' button to attach your file(s) to our secure 70th Church Anniversary Database. 

Acceptable formats are: .jpeg, .png, .mp4.


Do you need help? Reach out to our knowledgeable THWC Multimedia team and they will help navigate you through the process.